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Genetics – Please share your experiences….

We are asking everyone to write to their local TDs to tell them of the importance of genetic services for those living with rare conditions in Ireland. On May 26th 2021 RDI presented the current status of genetic services to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health. We would like to ensure that TDs across all constituencies are made aware of the dire state of genetic services in Ireland and the impact that this has on people living with rare conditions in their constituency.

Please write a letter to your local TDs telling them of your personal experience with genetics. We have drafted a letter that you can complete with your personal story. Or write your own letter. Tell them how genetics are key to diagnosis, treatment, access to new drugs/therapies and/or family planning for you. If you have personal experience of accessing genetic services in Ireland, tell them about your experiences.

Contact details for all members of the Oireachtas (TDs & Senators) are available online.