RDI – Round Table of Companies

In 2018 Rare Diseases Ireland will establish the RDI-RTC (the Rare Diseases Ireland Round Table of Companies). The RDI-RTC will be a “club” of companies with a common interest in rare diseases and orphan products.

The RDI-RTC will provide a unique opportunity for start-up and established companies to engage with experts in the rare disease community in Ireland addressing topics of mutual patient & industry interest. Membership of the RDI-RTC will reflect your company’s leadership and commitment to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare diseases in Ireland through programs of education, advocacy, research, and service.

The RDI-RTC will provide unique opportunities for industry to engage with  rare disease patient organisations to identify and prioritise challenges facing the Irish rare disease community. If you are ineterested to learn more about this initiative and to join the RDI-RTC please contact us at advcoacy@rdi.ie.

Round Table of Companies, Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018 – Please join us for our inaugural Round Table of Companies. This meeting will introduce RDI’s vision for the future, and will focus on patients’ expectations on collaboration and inclusion, and will summarise the obstacles, advantages, and good practices for collaboration into the future. If you are an industry representative and interested to attend, please contact us at advocacy@rdi.ie. Space is limited.


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Meeting Topics & Schedule

November 22 2018 – Inaugural Round Table of Companies

On the occasion of our first Round Table of Companies RDI welcomed representatives from 14 companies ranging from start-ups and SMEs to large multi-nationals and included pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and ICT. The group all had a common interest – identification, treatment, and cure of rare diseases.

Avril Daly, Chair of RDI, opened the meeting providing the group with a brief history of RDI culminating in development of the National Rare Disease Plan 2014-2018. Vicky McGrath followed with a brief overview of RDI’s plans for 2019, including details of the purpose of the RDI-RTC, and rules for membership of the RDI-RTC. 

Upcoming meetings

March 2019 (Date & Venue TBC)

Oct 2019 (Date & Venue TBC)

Please contact advocacy@rdi.ie if you have any questions



Code of Conduct

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